Average Full Time Uber Driver Salary

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Regardless of the job, it is crucial to check whether the salary is livable or not, including the average Uber driver salary of today. Becoming an Uber driver is quite popular today due to many reasons. One of the reasons is that it is a chance to gain extra income, especially for those who already have a job but still quite free at some points. An Uber driver is a taxi driver under the scope of Uber’s system in smartphones. Everything is done in the app, aside from the driving to take a passenger from one place to another. For a passenger, it is pretty much similar to have a personal chauffeur since an Uber driver will use different cars of their own.

Is driving uber profitable?

A question about it is commonly about the salary to gain as an Uber driver. Is it livable to rely only on the salary of an Uber driver? Unfortunately, it is not that simple to find out about the salary of an Uber driver. There are many factors that affect the salary of an Uber driver, unlike other jobs. For example, promotions in the Uber app on smartphones that reduce the fare for using the service of Uber could lead to a lower salary for the driver per hour.

What Does An Average Uber Driver Make Per Hour?

Regarding the salary of an Uber driver, a reliable source stated that the amount of pay per hour is only between $8.55 and $11.77 in the US. That is the actual number after all cuts and expenses have been made by the system. More importantly, that is the recent report in 2020. Following that number, for an hour, the average for a month is at the point of $364. Furthermore, the annual average for an Uber driver’s salary is $36,525. That number is only valid for a full-time driver, though.

average uber driver salary - Average Full Time Uber Driver Salary

How much you can earn from Uber?

The location has its role in determining the pay of an Uber driver today. Drivers operating in cities will get more earnings than drivers operating in suburban areas. A clear example of location affected salary for an Uber driver is that an Uber driver in New York could get an average of $29.34 for each trip. Meanwhile, a driver in Phoenix could only get an average of $14.36 while in Chicago, only $10.99. The proper way to know the average Uber driver’s salary is livable or not is to consider the location of the driver to drive and live.

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