Chemical Engineer Starting Salary in US

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From drugs to foods, people can now enjoy them in more convenient ways, thanks to chemical engineers and their works. They use physics, maths, biology, and chemistry to create and develop new products, much for your delight. So, what do they do, and how much they earn? Here is everything you need to know about the chemical engineer’s salary starting and responsibilities.

What kind of jobs do chemical engineers do?

As a chemical engineer, your job includes creating processes needed to produce manufacturing products. The engineer is also responsible for designing the equipment required for the manufacturing process as well as how the tool is laid out in the factory. Since manufacturing also often includes dangerous chemicals, the engineers also have responsibilities to create safety procedures to keep the employers safe. If problems are occurring during the process, it is the chemical engineers’ job to troubleshoot the issues and provide solutions. Once the manufacturing process is completed, they are also responsible for conducting product testing to make sure the products’ safety and effectiveness.

How to Be a Chemical Engineer

Pursuing a career as a chemical engineer will require you to hold a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or related fields. Most of the time, it needs about five years to complete the artificial engineering degree programs, both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. A graduate degree is also needed if you want to work in research. Though chemical engineers are allowed to earn a Professional Engineering License, the field of chemical engineering doesn’t need any license. You might get a higher salary and better promotions if you hold a PE license. You need to pass two exams and have at last four years of experience to earn the PE license.

chemical engineer salary starting - Chemical Engineer Starting Salary in US

How much is the starting salary for chemical engineer?

Based on the reports released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the chemical engineer salary starting is about $68,609. Meanwhile, the median annual wage that chemical engineers can earn reaches $102,160. The top 10% of the chemical engineers may earn $169,080, while the lowest 10% only learn less than $62,230 annually. However, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the highest starting salaries earned by chemical engineers is about $68,445. However, the engineers that work in research and development of coal or petroleum manufacturing make the highest payment. Their salary could range from $107,250 to $107,050 annually. The salary earned by chemical engineers might vary based on their experience. The more knowledge that the chemical engineers have, the more salary they will gain.

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