Clinical Mental Health Counseling Salary in US

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How much is the clinical mental health counseling salary? In the context of mental health, the term counseling refers to helping individuals to be more positive-minded people. Counseling is also related to approaches with some characteristics; they are developmental, preventive, and curative depending on problems or issues that are currently faced by clients

Mental health counseling was formed in around 1960’s and 1970’s due to the legislature’s initiation under a regulation namely Community Mental Health Center Acts 1863. The regulation pushes the government to establish a center of national mental health. Many master-level counselors are behind this and the organization is named American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA).

Job Desks of a Clinical Mental Health Counselor

As a group, mental health counselors work in various environments including the center of mental health, communities, organizations, hospitals, companies, children care, orphanage, and more. Some counselors also open their own clinics. They open counseling sessions to some groups of clients. For example, there are counselors that especially take care of children and adolescents or counselors who provide counseling for laborers.

While many clients are considered “normal” and “not problematic”, some counselors must also provide guidance and counseling for people with problems like people with depression, rape victims, people with suicidal tendencies, and more. A mental health counselor also tends to cooperate with other professions like psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, teachers, and more. Furthermore, they also often work in teams to help a group of clients at once.

The Approximate Salary of a Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Counselors tend to have different salaries depending on what company or organization it works. The level of difficulty of their jobs also influences the number of money they get yearly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of salaries get by counselors in the US is $42,840.

It is not clearly known the range of the salary numbers but it is predicted starting from $38,560 to $46,900 yearly. that’s the information you need to know about the clinical mental health counseling salary.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Salary - Clinical Mental Health Counseling Salary in US

The state where they work or open the clinic also influences the number. In fact, in some states in the US like South Carolina or Pennsylvania, they may get only around $26,000 for being a counselor in a hospital or company. For counselors who open the clinic themselves, the number can be higher as long as their clinics are widely known by people as well as there are many people who come and use their services. But above all, undeniably, this job is still very promising.

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