Clinical Mental Health Counselor Salary

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Clinical mental health counselor salary information is crucial for you who want to apply for this job. There are some people who want to earn a big salary with their job. They try to apply for a higher position to get a bigger salary. They also support their education with some skills to get a better salary. How about this job? When you apply as a health counselor, you will have serious tasks or jobs. Before you know more about how much money you will get from this job, you need to know first about this job description.

Clinical Mental Health Counselor Job

As a mental health counselor, you will have a task to help people in coping with their mental and emotional and sometimes dependency on disorders. You may have clients with so many health disorders. You may have a client that is struggling with alcohol, drug addiction, family problems, marital problems, some difficulties because of aging, and some other things. You may have clients that have anxiety and also stress problems in their life. The demand for mental health counselors is increasing from time to time because today, in this modern era, most people struggle with their problem, and they can’t find a solution for themselves. In 2016, we found more than 157,700 people worked as health counselors.

What Does a Clinical Mental Health Counselor Do?

There are some duties that must be done by a health counselor, such as:

• Develop some plans and reviews about the duration of health treatment
• Complete and also maintain documentation related to health issues
• Conduct intakes and also monitor all individual and family therapies
• Provide mental health assessments and also referrals for your clients.

clinical mental health counselor salary - Clinical Mental Health Counselor Salary

Clinical Mental Health Counselor Salary

Now, after you know more about the duties of this job, you need to know three types of salary that you will get when you apply for this job. You can find clear information about what you will earn when you apply for this job here.

• The median annual salary for this job is $21,46 per hours, or you will get $44,630
• When you work in a bigger company, you can get more than $72,990, or you will be paid $35.09 per hour
• The minimum salary that you will get when you work as a health counselor is $13,58 per hour or less than $28,240.

Your salary usually will influence some factors such as your educational background, training that you take, and also a certification that you have. There are some licensing and also certification requirements to support your jobs, such as earning a master’s degree in mental health or related study. You need to support your education with computer skills too. Now, you already know about the clinical mental health counselor salary.

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