Commercial Airline Pilot Average Salary

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A professional pilot will fly and navigate the airplane, helicopters, and other kinds of aircraft as well. The pilot works for a specific company, bringing people and cargo based on his pre-planned schedules. While commercial pilots will work for a company that offers some services such as rescue operations, charter flights, and aerial photography as well, people see that the pilot is an incredible job no wonder that they are curious about commercial pilot average salary.

The modern airplanes were operated by the cockpit team, including the captain and copilot. They share their responsibilities and flight duties such as communicating with the traffic controller, controlling the plan, and monitoring some instruments.

What is the duty of a pilot?

While their jobs can be so varied depending on the types of a pilot, but there are typical duties among pilots. Instead of flying the airplane safely, their responsibilities and tasks may include several things below:

  • Doing aircraft or airplane inspections
  • Choosing an efficient and safe flight routes
  • Keeping an accurate record use for the compliance purposes
  • Deciding the risks which may occur
  • Communicate with needed personnel and agents
  • Ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers, crew, and team.

How much money do airline pilots make?

The average salary of airline pilots, flight engineers, and copilots as follows below:

  • Top 10 percents of annual salary were usually more than $208,000
  • The median annual salary is around $140,340
  • Bottom 10 percents of the yearly salary were less than $65,000

commercial pilot average salary - Commercial Airline Pilot Average Salary

What skills do you need to be a pilot?

Along with the skill to fly the airplane, then pilots still need a soft skill or personal qualities such as

  • Teamwork – the ability to work as a part of a team, is so essential. Instead of working with the crew, then a pilot should work with the air traffic controller and flight operator as well.
  • Excellent communication – a pilot should have good communication skills and solve-problem skills, which are more oriented to the details.
  • Interpersonal skills – they have a great ability to get along with others
  • Professional manners – this is very important to do business in a professional manner and way anytime
  • Task management – a pilot, should priority their duties and projects
  • Adaptability skill – you need to have an ability to adapt to unusual working situations and working hours at the same time. So, the commercial pilot average salary was worth their formal education, skills, and competencies.

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