Correctional Officer Salary in California

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Working as a correctional officer is now beginning to be sought after by most people. One of the reasons why many people are interested in this work is the correctional officer California salary that is quite high.

 Even so, the salary provided is certainly following the field of work undertaken. Not only that, but it has also been considered regarding various things such as work risks to the benefits that will be received.

Although it looks a bit scary, every officer in this field of work is undoubtedly equipped with various safety attributes to support their work. This security attribute also aims only as a preventive measure, not as a deadly act. Because of that, you don’t need to worry about working in this field later.

California itself is home to several federal correctional facilities in the state of the United States. Also, there is a separate place for various other government service facilities, such as community correction centers and administrative offices.

Correctional Officer work 

Correctional officers served as supervisors. They will conduct surveillance of prisoners who are detained for committing criminal acts in this correctional facility.

These surveillance activities can take several forms in general. For more details, see the division as follows.

Supervision activities 

A correctional officer should supervise prisoners. Good as when exiting or entering prison and watching prisoners while working. Not only that, but the correctional officers were also asked to supervise each location and also the room inside the correctional facility.

In this case, supervision can be carried out on the control tower outside, in the prison room, to prevent smuggling, as well as safeguarding weapons posts. With so little chance for prisoners to escape from the prison facility

Administrative activities 

Correctional officers also usually do work outside the prisoner’s supervision, namely in the administration section. In this section, the officer will make or make a report or check the letters that enter or exit the correctional facility.

Correctional Officer Salary 

Correctional officer, California’s salary, depends on the position and also the location of work placement. For example, if you are placed in a G5 level correctional facility, you can get a salary ranging from $ 31,315 to $ 40,706. For the G6 level alone, it can range from $ 34,907 to $ 45,376.

How much money do correctional officers make in California?

correctional officer california salary - Correctional Officer Salary in California

Also, correctional officers will get a change in the salary they get. Depending on the factors of experience, length of work, and what level of training they have done. Later these officers will be divided into several categories. As for category A, it is around $ 36,600; category B is $ 43,128, category C is $ 57,768, category J is $ 45,288, and finally category K is $ 60,660.

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