US Custom and Border Patrol Officer Salary

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Customs and Border Protection Officers known as CBP officers work to fulfill customers, agriculture, and immigration ways. CBP officers are the federal employees who help to make sure that Nation borders are entirely safe, prevent the spread of diseases, and execute a trade and drug trafficking laws. You may now know that CBP officers are federal agents and work for custom protection. Once they are hired into the agency, then employees will get great benefits, including tuition fees, paid holidays and sick leave, and so on. When you read this article, you are wondering about custom and border patrol officer salary.

What does a CBP officer do?

CBP officers work close to one of the ports, which filters all visitors and returning citizens along with all cargo entering that country. With full attention to details, CBP officers can detect and prevent any weapon and terrorist from entering the country, enforce the immigration, customs, and agricultural laws, as mentioned before. Of course, they also help to prevent illegal drug trading, human trafficking, and other contraband issues.

Although CBP jobs were pretty similar to BPA (border patrol agent) hobs and some of their jobs, may kind of overlap – both of them were federal employees in a different focus. As mentioned earlier, that customs and border officers agents will focus on the facilitation of the trading flow and legal trading, deciding people who will enter the country and avoid an illegal person and goods. Then the border patrol officers generally perform patrol international land borders and the entry point to arrest undocumented individuals and prevent human trafficking as well.

How much do Customs and Border Patrol salary?

You should know that CBP agents and officers will receive their wages based on the pay scale of the General Schedule. You can see the current pay scale based on that state. G-5 level agents or officers may start their salary at $40,000, and G-7 officers may start the salary at $46,000. Even this department has so many employees, but it still needs more qualified persons to protect the borders.

custom and border patrol officer salary - US Custom and Border Patrol Officer Salary

What skills are needed to be a Border Patrol agent?

You should know that the prospective CBP officers should make significant decisions with excellent judgment skills, being emotionally mature, sensitive to different needs, and excellent interpersonal skills. The officers also should be fluent in the language, flexible and knowledgeable related to enforcement laws. There are many things that you have to know first related to custom and border patrol officer salary.

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