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If you are fond of talking to other people and make them happy, the job of customer service representative (CSR) would be perfect for you. To become a CSR, you need a high skill of communication so that you could deliver your message from the company you are working on to the clients. If you are not good at communication but still want to be a CSR, you have to learn how to communicate well with other people. If you are wondering about the amount of customer service representatives’ salary, this article will guide you to know the answer. So, let’s check it out!

What customer service representatives do?

If you have ever contacted customer service for the products you use, you have already understood what roles do the customer service representatives do. Besides answering customer calls, they also have to solve the problems that the clients have and address the issue to the company’s management if they have not got any solution for the customer’s problems. Their roles are also helping the customers to place their orders for the products that they want to buy and guide them. Sometimes they even offer and sell new products to potential customers via phone. If you’re going to be a CSR, there is no formal education that provides you a path to have this job. As long as you are an excellent communicator, you will be signed to be a CSR in the company you want. Becoming a CSR is also a good starting point to build your professional career.

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What is the salary of customer service representative?

When talking about a job, it will not far from salary or money that you will get if you have this job. Usually, a customer service representative gets paid hourly. The customer service representatives’ salary would depend on the company where they work and also the country. For example, in the US itself, the customer service representative will be paid for around $27,000 per year. Besides getting the primary salary, a CSR will also get bonuses and also a commission for their job. The amount of these would be related to each company. The more profit the company where a customer service work, the higher the bonuses they will get. Thus, if you want to be a customer service representative, you can apply to the most profitable company so that you will get higher rates of salary.

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