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Are you thinking of working as a software engineer on Facebook? As one of the biggest companies on earth, Facebook offers a promising career path for software engineers. What about the annual payment? The following page will provide you with all the information about Facebook salary software engineer, job descriptions, and facilities as well as bonuses.

Software Engineer Responsibilities

As a software engineer on Facebook, your responsibilities will include building software components and web services using Java, Hack, PHP, and C ++. You also must create web interfaces by using CSS, XHTML, and Javascript. Facebook also requires their software engineers to create data feeds as well as report interfaces to allow them to incorporate features and ideas. Some other responsibilities of Facebook software engineers include conduct and design code reviews, analyze, and improve the stability and scalability of systems and products.

What qualifications do you need to be a software engineer?

To pursue a career as a software engineer on Facebook, you need to meet the minimum qualifications required. They include:
• MSc or BSc in computer science or equivalent experience/ related field.
• Expertise with Java, C++, or other programming languages.
• Knowledge of SQL and relational databases.
• Knowledge of Python, PHP, Perl, and Hack.

The software engineers working for Facebook are expected to create products that can be used by billions of people in the world. They need to be able to develop new features and improve products that already exist, such as Search, News Feeds, Video, Groups, and Messenger. With the skills and experience owned, software engineers are also expected to solve highly complex technical problems on any scale. By joining Facebook, this will also make it possible for you to build the next-generations of services, systems, and products. In this way, you will be able to help people to connect from any part of the world.

facebook salary software engineer - Facebook Salary For Software Engineer

Facebook Software Engineer’s Salary

The typical Facebook salary software engineer is about $148,999 per year. The salaries for the software engineers working for the company usually range from $38,445 to $196,669. The estimation of the software engineer salary is based on statistical methods. However, software engineers might enjoy higher payment if bonuses and compensations added to their wages. The average total amount received by software engineers working for Facebook can reach $156,730 annually. In general, the competitive salary provided by Facebook includes dental benefits, medical benefits, life insurance, and pension benefits. Not only that, but the software engineers will also enjoy transport benefits, gym benefits, Ride2Work, laundry benefits, and childcare benefits.

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