Financial Analyst Entry Level Salary

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How much is the financial analyst entry-level salary? A financial analyst has some job desks in a business or a company. He or she checks the financial data and use the result to help the company to make a business decision. Often, the analysis deals with the investment. A financial analyst also checks and considers the securities that are invested. Some decisions made from the analysis are making recommendations on whether to sell or to buy. In banks, the analyst is hired to collect data of prospect companies, analyze them, and make conclusions of their futures.

Financial analyst salary entry level

A financial analyst has a big role in the company. It can even be said that their decision determines the company’s survival. That’s why; it is not exaggerating if they are paid with a high salary also. In the US, the range of financial analyst salaries is started from $58,161 to $ 64,172 based on the latest data. But the range is for all analysts, no matter their level. Sure, for analysts with the entry-level, their salaries are less than that. It is approximately $ 58,161 – $ 60,273. The number is not so much different from those who have been at a higher level. Interestingly, once the entry-level analyst shows their skill and ability in analyzing the investment, their salary can grow up.

Is financial analyst a good career?

Undeniably, many factors influence the salary of a job, including if you are a financial analyst. The first factor is, of course, related to the company itself. Not all companies are considered big and wealthy companies that can give high salaries to their employees. The bigger the company you are working for, the higher the salary you will get. A good thing about a financial analyst is that the wage is considered one of the highest in the company.

The second factor is the location. Every country or state has its regulations regarding the employees’ salary. So, the company must follow the rule, and of course, a financial analyst entry level is one of the jobs that are influenced by the rule.

financial analyst entry level salary - Financial Analyst Entry Level Salary

Lastly, it is about achievement. The sooner you can make an achievement in the company, the easier also for you to get a promotion. Even if you are still at the entry-level, there is a high chance of getting a big salary. So, this is the explanation of the financial analyst entry-level salary. Are you interested in being paid for this job?

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