Information Systems Management Salary Range

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A manager of the information system is responsible for the computer system in a company, monitoring installation, making sure the backup system effectively runs, providing ICT technology infrastructure, and also contributing to organizational policies regarding quality standards and strategic planning. An information system manager works in all sizes of companies within industries and service sectors. They usually work together with programmers and technicians. This role is also responsible for technology implementation in a company and supervising the work of system analysts, support specialists, computer programmers, and other positions related to computers. A professional information system manager usually also understands business and management principles.

Standard Activities Performed by Information System Manager

Usual activities performed by people who work as an information system manager are:

  • Evaluating the system functionality and users’ needs as well as making sure the ICT facilities fulfill the requirements.
  • Planning, developing and implementing ICT finance.
  • Scheduling upgrade and security backup of hardware and software.
  • Making sure of the software license.
  • It is providing secure access to a network for remote users.
  • It is making sure data security from internal and external hacks and attacks.
  • Mentoring and training ICT supporting staff.
  • Keeping updated with the newest technology.

An information system manager is required to have skills of leadership, working with people at all levels in the company, contributing, and implementing organizational strategies. But the works of this role eventually depends on the organization or company that hire them as well as the complexity of the information system of the company.

information systems management salary - Information Systems Management Salary Range

How Much the Salary of the Information System Manager?

Some of you are probably curious about the information systems management salary. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the information systems management salary is $142,530 per year and $68.53 per hour. It is the median pay of such a role. The typical entry-level education for an information system manager is a bachelor’s degree. This position requires at least five years of work experience in a related occupation. Most information systems managers are full-time job. Some work is even more than 40 hours per week. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistic, this kind of situation is expected to increase around 11 percent from 2018 to 2028. It is way quicker given the thought of the technology development today. You can access the official website of the US LBS for further information.

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