Average Salary For Nurse Practitioner With Doctorate

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As the highest-level degree given to nursing students, DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) degree opens a wide career opportunity for them. Not only that, but the degree also offers money-making potential. Find out everything you need to know about this doctor of nursing practice in the following article.

How to become a doctor of nurse practitioner

Students who pursue a DNP degree should have nursing experience before joining the degree program. The previous experience of the students will play an important role due to the advanced nature of these programs they are joining in. The experience is also crucial to help the students choose the direction they will take in their future careers. If you are currently working as an APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse), you can advance your specialty area into a sub-area to allow you to have more focus on your job. There are four generalized areas that an ARPN can choose. These areas are nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse aesthetic, and nurse-midwife. There are a lot of APRNs who decide to join a sub-specialty program to allow them to serve patients with a more focused population. If you take a DNP degree, there will be many benefits you can get from the program. It will be suitable the most if you want to have a career in a research area, administrative roles at an executive-level, or teaching at the university levels.

Salary for Nurse Practitioner with Doctorate Degree

A nurse practitioner with doctorate salary will vary based on some factors. They include the level of seniority, experience, sub-specialty chosen, as well as facility and your working area. Most of the time, the median annual salary that a nurse practitioner with a DNP degree will earn reaches $ 103,880. However, the salary will be about $49.94 per hour on average if you work as a nurse with a DNP degree on an hourly basis.

nurse practitioner with doctorate salary - Average Salary For Nurse Practitioner With Doctorate


Nurse Practitioner Salary Based on Workplace

As it has been stated before that the facility and working area will also influence the rate of your salary as a nurse practitioner. Most of the time, those who are working in dentists’ offices will receive the highest payment, about $117,270 per year, while the lowest payment is earned by those who work in professional schools, colleges, or universities. They usually earn about $100,040 annually. Meanwhile, a nurse practitioner with doctorate salary in a specialty hospital reaches $111,100 on average, general or surgical hospital ($111,850), physicians’ office (105,730), and outpatient care center ($111,690) per year.

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