Occupational Therapist Average Salary in US

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Have you ever got injured and met an occupational therapist who helps treat you? Are you trying to become one of them? Becoming an occupational therapist may be the best job for some people who want it, especially for those who want to help others to promote healthy living after getting illness an injury in their life. If you’re going to know about what occupational practitioner is, you have to read this article. This article would also provide you with information regarding the occupational therapist’s average salary.

Occupational therapist job description

Occupational therapist jobs are treating patients with disabilities, injuries, and illnesses so that they can do their daily activities again. The patients whom they work with come from all ages, from the young one to the oldest one. Their goal is to make their patients could live their fullest life with happiness after being injured. Occupational practitioners’ work environment could be in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and home health services. They usually have to accomplish their master’s degree in occupational therapy before they get the job as an occupational therapist. There are many duties that the professional practitioners do, such as reviewing the patients’ medical history to plan the best therapy for the patients, evaluating the needs of the patients, and also developing the best treatment for the patients to improve the patients’ conditions. For your information, as a practitioner in occupational health, you will work full time, and your day of working would depend on the schedule of your patients. Moreover, if you are not working in public hospitals, you could be required to work on weekends, days, or nights. Thus, you have to get ready whenever or wherever your patients need your therapy.

occupational therapist average salary - Occupational Therapist Average Salary in US

How much is salary for an occupational therapist?

If you look for the occupational therapist’s average salary, there are hundreds of information about it on the internet. Each platform has its number regarding the annual salary for an occupational therapist. However, if we take an average from all of the information that has been given, you will get approximately $75,000 per year if you become the occupational therapist. This number will vary and depend on the location where you work, whether you work on the hospitals, nursing home, health care unit, or schools. Usually, if you are working in nursing home care facilities, you will get higher annual salaries compared to other workplaces. The number of experiences would also affect the increase in your wage each year.

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