Orthopedic Surgeon Average Salary in US

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Working as an orthopedic surgeon needs excellent skills and complete knowledge to cure any health issues related to muscle and skeletons. No wonder that those with this high-profile profession get high payment for their jobs. If you are interested in pursuing this career, here is an orthopedic surgeon average salary and job descriptions to know.

Orthopedic Surgeons’ Responsibilities

As an orthopedic surgeon, you are responsible for treating health problems related to skeletal and muscles. They include everything from trauma injuries, congenital deformities, to arthritis. Your job as an orthopedic surgeon is to provide medical care by conducting physical exams as well as creating therapeutic and treatment plans. You also need to keep tracking the health progress of your patients to identify what needs to be done next. Your skills and knowledge will be required to perform a wide range of surgeries. Some of them are repairing fractures in bones, joint replacement surgeries, as well as spinal and back surgeries. As a qualified surgeon, you need to be able to deal with high pressures and extremely stressful situations. You need to think quickly to decide the best treatment for your patients. Senior orthopedic surgeons are also often in charge of the orthopedic departments and staff such as surgery technicians, nurses, and physicians’ assistants.

Orthopedic Surgeons – Education and Training Requirements

The career path to be an orthopedic surgeon requires you to hold a medical doctorate degree in orthopedic surgery. You also need to complete postgraduate training in the same field. To gain experiences before becoming a certified orthopedic surgeon, you are also required to work in clinics or other surgery centers. The experiences are also needed if you want to take a state-administered examination. You also need to keep in mind that all of the orthopedic surgeons must become board certified in the state where they want to pursue this career.

orthopedic surgeon average salary - Orthopedic Surgeon Average Salary in US

How much is an orthopedic surgeon salary?

The orthopedic surgeon’s average salary is about $339,000 annum. As your skills are elevated and your experience improved, you will get a higher payment from the hospitals or clinics you are working for. You can even earn more than that amount of salary if you work in your practice. However, unlike those who are working for a hospital, you will not receive any health insurance, vacation time, or other benefits if you work on your own. As a self-employed orthopedic surgeon, you need to pay for these benefits by yourself.

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