Average Salary For Agricultural Engineer

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An agricultural engineer applies technical knowledge and agricultural knowledge related to electricity and machinery, electricity, structure, land and air use, and process agricultural products. An agricultural engineer learns the same knowledge as other engineers in other fields. Some agricultural engineers should know a building technique before they build a greenhouse. Some agricultural engineers study machinery so that they will be able to run a tractor and make a plow tool. While other agricultural engineers learn about programming so that they will be able to create a harvester robot. So, this role does not always have to be in a rice field.

An agricultural engineer can also work with a computer, pen, and paper when they build an agricultural building and irrigation system. Companies also need professional agricultural engineers to increase production. This role is responsible for handling and solving agricultural issues related to power supplies, pollution, and environmental problems, the use of structures and facilities, the efficiency of machinery, and also the storage and processing of agricultural products.

What does a agricultural engineer do?

An agricultural engineer is responsible for these following duties:

  • Using computer software in order to design agricultural structures, equipment, or systems.
  • They are Modifying environmental factors that affect crop production or animal production—for example, runoff patterns on a field or airflow in a warehouse.
  • They are making sure of the safety and reliability of agricultural equipment.
  • They are Supervising construction and production operations.
  • Making sure desirable and useful outcomes by planning and working together with other engineers, contractors, consultants, and clients.

As it is said before, an agricultural engineer does not only work in farming. They also work in aquaculture, food processing, and even forestry. They work on a lot of various projects. For instance, some agricultural engineers work to establish climate control systems to increase livestock productivity and comfort.

salary for agricultural engineer - Average Salary For Agricultural Engineer

How Much the Salary of  Agricultural Engineers?

The median salary for agricultural engineers is $77,110 per year. The median salary means that the salary of half of the workers in the profession earns more than the amount, and the other half earn less the amount. The lowest 10 percent earns less than $46,500, while the highest 10 percent earns more than $116,850. Agricultural engineers who work in agricultural services earn $87,330; those who work in the management, scientific, and technical consulting services earn $72,990. That is the salary of an agricultural engineer.

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