The Approximate Salary for College Counselors

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How much is the salary for college counselors? More than just, it is stated in the regulation, counseling, and guidance for college students are for the goodness of the students themselves. With the right counselor, students can develop their own potential in many aspects. Those aspects are including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and moral issues. Being a counselor in a college is not different from the same job in lower-level education. The difference is probably placed in terms of the target and, yes, the salary.

Job Desks of College Counselors

Counseling for college students is mainly to help them solve academic, social, and personal problems. Often, those problems affect their learning motivation, and of course, it will give them further problems. Around 30% of college students also find themselves cannot follow the teaching and learning process. They think that the materials given in college are too difficult. Additionally, many students also feel that they choose the wrong major from the beginning.

A counselor who works in a college then helps them to give some options for solutions. In a worse condition, he or she may suggest they resign from the college and find other interests, whether it is choosing another major or even working. Surprisingly, some college counselors in the US also found that many students cannot do their academic tasks well due to financial situations.

They may intend to get a scholarship in the beginning but then end up failing. Having a part-time job doesn’t always solve the problem as well. At this stage, the counselor’s suggestion is important not only for the decision they make right now but also in the future.

The Approximate Salary for College Counselors in the US

A job as a counselor is quite complex since it deals with people’s mental and psychological condition. Interestingly, even clients to face are basically healthy and normal, but they face some daily problems. Since a counselor must give the best solutions for them, and it is sometimes quite risky, it is reasonable if their yearly income from the job is quite high. 

How Much does a Counselor at a College Make?

salary for college counselors - The Approximate Salary for College Counselors

The approximate annual salary for a college counselor is $82,066 in February 2020. The range is quite wide anyway, starting from $51,349 to $101,566. Many factors are causing the matter, including the college that hires them, the state, local regulations, and many more. Still, this job is promising. So, are you interested in being a college counselor?

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