Average Salary For Customer Service Representative

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Salary for customer service representative will be related to how long you work in a specific company too. Before you talk about wages, it is good for us to know first what customer service representative is and what will be done by the customer service representative in the company. Customer service representatives usually will work in various types of industries. They often will work to handle customer complaints, taking orders, resolve complaints, and some other things. They regularly will interact with customers by email, live chat, phone, and other tools.

Duties of Customer Service Representatives

There are some duties and ability that will be done by customer service representatives, such as:
– Interact with all customer by email, phone, and then they will provide all information about services, how to take order, detail product and also details complaints
– They help you to fulfill a request by website, fax, and other electronic data
– They keep customer data secure
– The follow-up customer’s complaints and problems and finds a solution

salary for customer service representative - Average Salary For Customer Service Representative

What is the average salary of customer service representative?

When we talk about the salary for this job, we will find some factors that influence the amount of money that you will get. It will change by geographical area, several years of your career, and type of industry. Here are three types of salary that you will get when you apply as customer service representatives.
– Median annual wage: you will be paid $16.23/ hour or $33.750 per month
– Top 10% yearly salary: you are possible to get $26.59 per hour or $55.310 per month
– Bottom 10% of the annual wage: you will be paid less than 410.65 per hour or $22,140 per month

There are so many things that can increase your salary, such as additional skills, fluent in some languages, have good verbal communication, have critical thinking, and expert in problem-solving too. When you choose to apply as a customer service representative, it means you must become an active listener. You need to listen to your customer problems and then you need to solve their problems. You need to understand the real problem of your customer first, and it can happen only when you listen carefully to what your customer talk to you. Your salary may depend on the work schedule too. You can get a higher salary when you work as a full-time customer representative rather than of being a part-time customer representative for a particular company. You can get a higher wage for customer service representatives too when you work on the weekend and holiday.

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