Average Salary for an Entry Level Project Manager

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Salary for entry-level project manager, how much is it? A project manager can be defined as someone or a profession which leads and is responsible for a project. A project manager has some job desks. They are determining the purpose of the project, learning how the project is done, and many other things that still deal with it. Therefore, the success of a project depends on the performance of the project manager. Even if one of the employees makes trouble during the project, it is the manager who is responsible.

How much do entry level project managers make?

Based on the job description mentioned above, it is reasonable if a project manager can gain quite a high salary. In the US, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, wages of a project manager range from $ 74,000 to $ 100,000. The field is not quite wide, but it is different based on the type of project they run. For the entry-level project manager, the salary range tends to be low for sure. However, it is not so much different from that number. The salary is approximately $ 73,000 to $ 75,000. In a big and leading company, the pay is even more than that.

What is the average salary for entry level project manager?

The number is still estimation, and you will not know well unless you are joining the company and being the project manager. Yes, there are many factors that influence how much you are paid in a job. For the entry-level project manager, the salary depends on some factors. First, as has been mentioned before, it depends on the situation or condition of the company. It is easier for sure for a company with a high income to give a high salary to their employees even if their status is still the entry-level. But for a small company, the salary may not be that big.

The second factor is the success of the project. When the project is successful, the money or the incentive can be huge. The income from the incentive can be even higher than the primary salary. Unfortunately, if the project is failed, the manager, along with the staff, may suffer from loss instead.

salary for entry level project manager - Average Salary for an Entry Level Project Manager

Different from other jobs, the country or state may not influence the salary to get hired by an entry-level project manager. Even if there is a regulation, it only deals with a small amount of money. Their primary income is still depending on how successful the project is. This is how to calculate the salary for an entry-level project manager.

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