Average Salary for Nurse with Associate Degree

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Nursing is one of the departments that has a lot of devotees. This is because usually, those who are majoring in nursing have various reasons. First, it is because it has always had the ideals of becoming a nurse. Second is to have an extreme desire to always help others. Last is because career opportunities as a nurse are quite significant.

What are the different levels of nursing?

In the world of education, nursing is divided into two levels, namely, a bachelor and associate degree. Both have significant differences. At the undergraduate level, students usually only learn about theory. Meanwhile, the nursing associate’s degree prioritizes practice so that students will have adequate expertise to become a reliable nurse.
Maybe some people feel unfamiliar with nursing. Degree associates. But apparently, the Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) is already very common in various countries such as America, Australia, England, Holland, and Hong Kong. A salary for a nurse with an associate degree is also no joke. His salary is no less excellent than a nursing degree. This is because the task of a nurse is quite substantial.

What is the job of a nurse?

The main task of the nurses is to look after and help patients who are sick to recover quickly. Therefore, the responsibility of a nurse is huge because it involves the safety and health of others. If a nurse missteps a little, then the consequences will be fatal. Therefore, a nurse must always be focused, thorough, and also accurate when working.

salary for nurse with associates degree - Average Salary for Nurse with Associate Degree

What are the starting and advanced salary for a nurse?

The salary of a nurse who is an associate’s degree graduate always increases every five years. In general, the wages of nurses who have just graduated from ADN is relatively high. For salaries per year, they will get a salary of $ 51,280 per month worth $ 4,270, and per day it can reach $ 24.65. This number is very suitable for the newly graduated. Whereas, for nurses who have for a long time, the salary is higher because they have more experience, and they have also succeeded in helping many people. From 2013 to 2017, the wages of this ADN increased quite high to reach 8.27% which, if converted into money, would be $ 5,410.

If the increase in 5 years (2013-2017) is already high enough, then the estimated increase in salary for nurse with associate degree in 2022 should be even higher. Starting from 2017 to 2018, the growth also reached 2.03% or as much as $ 1,440. Meanwhile, in 2019 the percentage increased significantly to 2.21% or $ 73,860. But unfortunately, in 2020 the rate is expected to decrease very dramatically to 1.29%. Therefore, of course, in the years 2021 to 2022, the increase is estimated at 1.87% and 1.96%. In the end, the average salary earned by the associate degree nurses was $ 77,700.

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