Average Salary For PhD In Psychology

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The salary that you can expect if you have a Ph.D. in psychology depends on whether you have your degree in an applied specialty or in the industry where you work. Anyone who has a doctoral degree in psychology can expect a higher salary compared to those who have a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in psychology. Those who got a doctoral degree in industrial or organizational psychology or work in education administration usually earn the highest salary to take home. If you want to know more about the salary for a Ph.D. in psychology, here is further information.

Direct Human Services

According to the APA, the median salary for doctoral-level psychologists with a clinical psychology specialty who works in direct human services, including primary care group practice, group psychology practice, and individual private practice is $87,015. The average salary for psychologists with a counseling psychology specialty is $81,000. And the average salary for school psychologists is $90,000. While the average salary for human service practitioners at a doctorate level with other sub-specialties is $85,000. The sub-specialties are clinical neuropsychology, child clinical psychology, and forensic psychology.

Applied Psychology

It is reported that the average salary for those who have a Ph.D. in psychology in organizational and industrial psychology and work in applied psychology occupations is $120,000. While the wages for those who are hired in applied psychology occupations with a specialty other than organizational and industrial psychology is $100,000. The most common specialty in the second group is a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Education Positions

Quite a lot of psychologists who have a doctoral degree in psychology prefer to work in academia. It is reported that the average salary for doctoral-level psychology faculty that operates from 9 months to 10 months is $76,090. The actual wage for this role can be varied. It is because the salary is based on other factors, such as years of experience, higher educational institutions, and also academic standing. People with a Ph.D. in psychology who work in educational administration are reported to get $116,500.

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Research Positions

It is reported the average salary for those who work in doctoral-level research positions is $80,500. The research positions are including governmental laboratory, private laboratory, and non-faculty academic areas. Doctoral-level respondents who work in research administration is reported to earn a salary of $116,343. The work, such as managing research programs. That is the different salary for a Ph.D. in psychology.

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