Average Salary For Teachers In Private Schools

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The teacher is a very noble and worthy job. This is because the main task of teachers is to convey knowledge and insights to their students. Also, another mission of a teacher is to guide his students to become better people. Behind it all, the most significant role of a teacher is to be the second parent of his students when they are in school.

What is the role and responsibility of a teacher?

Taking care of and guiding children in class 1 is indeed not a very easy task for a teacher. Therefore, teachers must have a massive level of patience. The teacher’s job is also to solve problems that occur between students, be it a problem with one class or another. These assignments apply to all public or private school teachers.

What pays more public or private school?

Although they have the same task, unfortunately, the salary for teachers in private schools and public schools is very different. In general, the salary of a private teacher is smaller than the salary of a public school teacher. This is because the source of salary acquisition is also different. Public school teachers are usually directly borne by the government so that the salary earned will undoubtedly be higher. Meanwhile, this private school teacher works under a foundation or institution. Therefore, the salary they get is smaller. Usually, the pay given to private school teachers is obtained from the donations that have been collected. These donations are received from parents or guardians of students, companies, and other foundations. For state schools, one of the others has almost the same quality so that it will not affect the size of the salary given to teachers. In contrast to private schools, they attach great importance to quality as they pay attention to the curriculum system used. This makes the task of private school teachers heavier than public school teachers.

salary for teachers in private school - Average Salary For Teachers In Private Schools

Private school vs public school teacher salary

Public school teachers’ salaries are very high because they can reach up to around $ 60,483 per year. Meanwhile, this private school teacher’s salary is less, which is approximately $ 36,598, with an additional bonus of $ 1,550 per year. This value has certainly seen a huge difference. Private school teacher’s salaries are only half that of public-school teachers. Even so, it does not mean that teachers who work in private schools have low quality too. The quality of these teachers is better, starting from the teaching methods used, the teachers have excellent communication with students, and the achievements of the students are, of course, very encouraging. This is because usually in 1 private school class there are only about 10 to 15 students. Therefore, teachers can be more focused, and classroom conditions are more awake. Besides, the facilities contained in the classroom are also very complete and quality so that teachers can maximize their teaching methods to students through practice. So, even though the salary for teachers in private schools is quite low, the quality and abilities possessed by them are very high.

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