Average Salary In Early Childhood Education

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Today, early childhood education is quickly developing. New and interesting information about the brain development of babies and toddlers are presented in the fields of neurology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and cultural psychology. Besides, the world itself is growing. With the growing population, the number of kids who are attending nurse and preschool programs is also increasing as well. The policies of the state and federal government focus on improving the attendance of all types of learning in Pre K classrooms. People now more understand how the early years contribute to form who they are as adults. Along with the increased awareness, not only childhood educators who are needed, but also educators who are ready to apply the best practice for young learners in this 21st century.

Fortunately, this condition has established as well as improve the quality and extent of educational programs for young learners. Moreover, this condition also causes impressive growth in the number and variety of employment in the early childhood education area.

How Much the Salary in Early Childhood Education?

Below is the salary in early childhood education for those who have a bachelor’s degree in their hands.

Early Childhood Education Specialists Salary

An early childhood education specialist is related to preschool instructional and counseling. The median salary for this position is $35,000 annually. The annual pay rate for beginners is $30,000, with the potential for an increase of up to $40,000.

Day Care Director for Preschool Program Salary

Those who work as a daycare director for preschool programs with a bachelor’s degree are paid $39,200 per year.

Preschool and Nursery Center Director Salary

Those who work in this position with a bachelor’s degree earn a salary of $42,960 per year. The initial salary for this employment position is $27,210, with the potential for an increase of up to $85,110. It depends on the length of employment and additional advanced degree training.

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Salary

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for an early childhood individual education teacher is $57,910.

salary in early childhood education - Average Salary In Early Childhood Education

The salary in early childhood education is different and varied, depending on the state and employment positions. Those are the salaries for employment positions within the early childhood education field. Please note that those salaries are for those who have bachelor’s degrees. Those who got a higher degree will earn different wages. Go to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ official website for more information.

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