Average Salary of a Cardiovascular Surgeon

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A cardiovascular surgeon is a specialist who deals with cases of a disease in organs in the chest cavity, especially the heart and lungs. The duties of cardiovascular surgeons start from making a diagnosis, giving medicines, until handling the diseases by way of surgery.

How to become a cardiovascular surgeon?

To be a cardiovascular surgeon, someone needs to have a general medical education background and complete specialist education in cardiac and vascular surgery. After graduation, general practitioners will get a specialist degree as a cardiovascular surgeon. In handling a patient, a cardiovascular surgeon often works together with other specialists, such as cardiologist and vascular doctor, pulmonary doctor, and internist.

In determining the patient’s health problems and diagnosis of the disease, a cardiovascular surgeon will perform a series of check-ups, which are physical check-ups and supporting check-ups. Once a diagnosis is made, a cardiovascular surgeon will determine the handling method. It is proposed to restore the functions of chest organs, including the heart and lungs. But before performing surgical actions, a cardiovascular surgeon probably will suggest non-surgical actions first, such as lifestyle changing or medicines. If necessary, a cardiovascular surgeon will perform some minimally invasive surgical procedures or medical procedures to treat the patient’s condition.

What is the starting salary for a cardiovascular surgeon?

Then, how much is the salary of a cardiovascular surgeon? According to the reported salary from the Medical Group Management Association or MGMA, the median salary of a cardiovascular surgeon in the United States of America is $560,659 per year. In the first year on the job, a cardiovascular surgeon can earn an average of $336,000 per year. The median starting salary for this role is $$270,000 per year. However, a cardiovascular surgeon’s salary is widely varied, depending on various factors. Such as the company or hospital that hires the surgeon, the pay can also be varied depending on the state.

For example, a cardiovascular surgeon who works in California earns an average of $194,000 per year. Those who are employed in New York are paid around $218,000 per year. A cardiovascular surgeon who is employed in Texas earns around $174,000 annually. The salary can also be varied based on the city. For instance, those who are working in Boston, Atlanta, and Washington are paid an average of $214,000 annually.

salary of a cardiovascular surgeon - Average Salary of a Cardiovascular Surgeon

How much does a cardiovascular surgeon salary?

As you can see, the cardiovascular surgeons’ salary is varied, depending on many factors. However, the wage for this role ranges from $324,000 to $852,717. You can access the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’s official website for further information.

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