Average Salary of a Forensic Anthropologist

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Forensic anthropology is a job that is not easy. This is because the task of the forensic anthropologist is to find a person’s identity from the remains of human bones or skeletons. The skeleton found will be further identified to obtain complete information about the figure of the corpse.

Forensic Anthropology Identification Process

Not only from the rest of the human skeleton, but identification can also be made through examining intact limbs, which are then matched with relevant documents found such as identity cards, passports, and others. The examination results will show various identity data, such as gender, age, race, and time of death. In general, forensic anthropologists will work to assist in the specific identification process that is common in criminal cases, accidents, and also natural disasters that result in many deaths.
As explained earlier, working as a forensic anthropologist is very difficult, requiring very high accuracy. Therefore, it is not surprising that the salary of a forensic anthropologist is very high. To become a forensic anthropologist who is an expert with a high salary, they need to go through several processes.

How much schooling do you need to be a forensic anthropologist?

The first can be started by completing high school education that has been taken for four years. After that, they must pursue a bachelor’s degree by studying a special major such as biology or science studying forensic anthropology. To get a bachelor’s degree, it takes a minimum of 4 years. Education does not stop there; this is because they also have to get a master’s degree for at least two years. When at the master’s level of education, usually, they will focus more on studying the science of forensic anthropology in greater depth by conducting an internship program. With this, they will get more knowledge. Besides, the apprenticeship program undertaken will certainly also add to their experience in identification to handle different cases.

salary of a forensic anthropologist - Average Salary of a Forensic Anthropologist

Annual salary of a forensic anthropologist

After going through a long period of education and having officially gotten a master’s degree, forensic anthropologists will start looking for jobs that naturally require their expertise. Usually, they will cooperate with various legal institutions or state-owned secret institutions. To get a higher career path, forensic anthropologists can also run a Ph.D. program if they have enough free time. To run this Ph.D. program for at least 2 to 4 years. For those who already have a Ph.D., there is an excellent opportunity to get a certificate from the American Board of Forensic Anthropologist (ABFA). To date, the highest salary of a forensic anthropologist can reach up to $ 62,280 and as low as $ 57,850 per year. This value can also increase even higher if you are very experienced and even very expert in the field of forensic anthropology.

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