Average Salary of Hotel General Manager

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So, the hotel general manager has a responsibility to supervise the entire workings in that hotel, such as planning events in the hotel, keeping finances to stay in order, and making a budget plan for the renovation were all included in the hotel general manager duties. If you land in this article, you are wondering about the salary of a hotel general manager.

What does a hotel general manager do?

Usually, the hotel general manager’s responsibility is ensuring that all hotel employees can competently do their jobs, and making hotel guests always feel satisfied and comfortable. If there is a staff poorly performing their job, then it should be the hotel’s general manager’s task to stop them.

Even hotel general managers also oversee and coordinate all activities which have been involved in running the hotel along with the facilities. It was their responsibility to make sure that all staff is well-organized and each part of the hotel can run based on the quality standard of service. Generally, being hotel managers do not have any specific degree. However, having a degree in hospitality or business management can be a great plus for you. Looking for a management position also means that years of experience was required.

How much is the salary of a hotel general manager?

Well, the top respondents for Hotel general manager – the reported salaries where the average pay was around $80,000. However, there are other companies that also give wages for this job, about $68,000 and $50,000, respectively. Some hotels also may pay in the lower end of those scales about $40,000 or a bit more.

salary of hotel general manager - Average Salary of Hotel General Manager

The salary based on the experience level of hotel general manager

A general manager with less than 1-year experience may expect to earn the average compensation, including bonuses, tips, and overpay is about $43,000. The early career as hotel general manager with the experience of around 1 to 4 years, earning the average compensation is approximately $46,000. The mid-career general manager position with the experience for 5 to 9 years may earn an average total salary of around $53,000. After all, the experienced hotel general manager with 10 to 19 experience may earn the compensation total around $61.000. At the end of their careers, they may earn around $79,000. It’s all depending on their hotels as well. So, this information gives you insight into the salary of the hotel general manager if you want to pursue your dream as the hotel general manager.

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