Average Salary of Social Media Manager

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In an era where social media platforms influence almost all aspects of people’s lives, businesses in social webs become a new trend. So, this is not surprising that more people try to pursue a career as a social media manager. Here are job descriptions and social media manager’s average salary that you need to know.

Why are They Needed?

Social media managers needed in the business since they will contribute to shaping the organizations’ images. The reason to hire a social media manager is often based on the fact that social webs play critical roles in allowing organizations to engage with customers. It will influence the way the organizations interact with their customers and improve loyalty. No wonder that many business owners devote a huge investment of time and money to build their social media accounts and create an online customer base.

What does a social media manager do?

Social media managers have responsibilities to operate various social media platforms on behalf of a business. The managers perform various tasks, including replaying comments, creating content, answering questions, and creating a posting schedule. Social media managers are also responsible for doing everyday tasks to operate the social media accounts of the business. Most of the time, they will operate and run a social media platform as it is theirs. What makes it different is that the account is supercharged with business resources. Thus, it can be said that the success of social media accounts of a certain business will rely on the skills owned by social media managers.

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Average salary of social media manager

A social media manager’s average salary in the United States could reach $59,965 annually. However, social media managers work for high-profile companies might earn much higher than that. Some of them can even get paid as much as $100,000 per year. Meanwhile, those who work as part-timers in the business will only earn as low as $14,000 annually. There is also another factor that contributes to the different distribution of the salary that is the city where you work. For instance, those who work as social media managers in New York will get a higher salary (more than $7,000) if compared to those with the same profession in Miami, Florida. Your experience will also influence the amount of salary as a social media manager. Entry-level managers with less than five years experience will get $42,000 per year. Meanwhile, senior managers with at least ten years of experience might earn $62,000 on average annually.

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