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Let’s talk about software engineer salary Microsoft Today, the job vacancy is increasingly diverse. One example is the new Software Engineer since the days of digitization. Software engineering itself has the aim to assist in obtaining software production costs that are low but have high performance, reliable and timely. Besides, it is also to produce software that can work on various types of platforms with low maintenance costs. Then, how about the salary? Before that, let’s see the software engineer’s responsibility.

The responsibilities and work of the Software Engineer

A Software Engineer is an engineer whose role is in developing, maintaining, testing, and evaluating computer software. However, Software Engineers who are still beginners or basic level are usually only tasked with writing, debugging, maintaining, and testing only software.
A Software Engineer will make changes to the software if there are things that need to be changed when testing. Software Engineer will also deal with common programming languages such as Java, C ++, and Python.
Software Engineers can also do things like give instructions on computers to do specific tasks. For example, they are giving instructions such as storing information, displaying calculations, and others.

How to Become a Software Engineer?

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • It is crucial and able to be very helpful to pursue the Software Engineer profession. Because most current Software Engineer vacancies usually have undergraduate computer science criteria.
  • Choose a programming language to learn and master
  • Whether learning programming with college or self-taught, you still need to learn one programming language and master it. You should choose whatever you think is the easiest, then master it. When you already have a strong programming language base, it will not be challenging to make the transition to languages, screens, and other technologies.
  • Read the code that other people created
  • Another important aspect of being a Software Engineer is the ability to read code generated by others. You can do this by searching the GitHub repository and searching for the documentation.
  • Search and join a community of fellow Software Engineers
  • Look for communities to learn to become better Software Engineers, especially if you have just jumped into this world. When you join community members who are more understanding, you will have a supportive environment and can provide the help and motivation needed. Then, it’s time to discuss software engineer salary Microsoft.

software engineer salary microsoft - Average Software Engineer Salary at Microsoft

Microsoft Software Engineer Salary

Software Engineers are usually needed by companies that are engaged in IT. The salary earned by a Software Engineer is quite tempting. Each company has a different nominal, for large companies in Indonesia can pay tens of millions of Software Engineer.

Large companies abroad, especially Microsoft, can afford to pay hundreds of millions of rupiah per month for Software Engineers, which is around $ 116,9460/month. Those are about software engineer salary Microsoft.

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