Average Salary for Speech Pathologist

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Some people might have a kind of speech disorder. It can be varied from the difficulty of producing specific sounds to struggle with their voices. It is the job of the speech pathologist to work with people with this kind of problem. Speech pathologists might not be a popular term used because people might be more familiar with speech therapists or speech-language pathologists. They are the same type of job. People with swallowing impairment or who want to change their accents can also find help from the speech pathologist. This job sounds pretty impressive, but what about the speech pathologist average salary?

What is the role of a speech pathologist?

As a speech pathologist, people have to do the works, including evaluating the patients, helping the patients determine their goals, providing assistance for rehabilitation to reach the goals, attending the meeting of an individualized education program for students, and consulting with needed parties from medical providers to teachers. Of course, they also have to follow up on those steps and provide needed referrals. Last but not least, they also have to maintain the records. The speech pathologist is a type of job needed in the medical treatment facilities, including hospitals and nursing care facilities. People might think that speech problems might be found in students only. Speech problems can also be found in stroke patients.

What is the demand for speech pathologists?

A long path must be followed to become a speech pathologist. People need to get a degree from the institution that has been accredited by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association or ASHA’s CAA (Council on Academic Accreditation. The general requirement to become a speech pathologist is a master’s degree in speech-language pathology. Although the speech pathology undergraduate degree is not necessary, there will be specific requirements needed to attend most master’s programs in speech-language pathology. License is required by a speech pathologist in most states in the United States of America. However, the licensing requirement might be different in each state.

How much does the average speech pathologist make?

Most speech pathologists are working in the nursing care facilities, although people can find that this job is also needed in educational services. Higher salary can be found from the speech pathologists working in the nursing care facilities than in the educational services after all.

speech pathologist average salary - Average Salary for Speech Pathologist

The speech pathologist average salary is about $77,510. Various places can be chosen for working as a speech pathologist. If working in schools, the speech pathologist has to work one-on-one with students and consult with doctors, parents, or teachers. Many speech pathologists are working in health facilities.

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