Average Starting Salary of a Software Engineer

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Are you interested in being a software engineer? Nowadays, being a specialist in information and technology is popular among young people. It is because they have already known that the starting salary of a software engineer is quite big compared to other occupations. That is why there are many young generations start to study about information and technology major in their college. However, how much you know about the job of a software engineer? Check this out and find out how much salary you could earn if you become one of the entry levels of a software engineer.

What does a software engineer do?

An entry-level of a software engineer or usually called by a junior engineer, should be worked with mid-level and also senior engineers to do their jobs in a team project. Their jobs are including developing, testing, and maintaining the software applications or programs run by the company that they are working on. Compared to the mid-level and senior engineers, the duties that should be accomplished by the junior engineer are quite simple. They only have to do debugging, testing, and coding documentation. These jobs aim to familiarize themselves with the company’s program or applications. After working on some projects or years of experience, junior engineers can move to more advance tasks in their workplace.

starting salary of a software engineer - Average Starting Salary of a Software Engineer

The average starting salary for software engineer

Being a software engineer would be a challenging yet fun career. It is because you will learn new skills almost every day, and you also will solve new problems that would boost your level of creativity. The average starting salary of a software engineer is growing from time to time. It also depends on what country you work on. Not only the state that affects the salary of a software engineer, but also the projects and companies where they work. The companies could be product-making companies or service-providing companies. Usually, the product-making companies offer a much higher starting salary for their software engineer because they need to make their product for their companies and sell it to the public market. However, as a software engineer in a service-providing company, you will also earn a lot of money, although the salary is not as high as the product-making companies offer to you. If you want the number, you can start making your money for being a software engineer from approximately $65,000. It will increase as your experience is rising. Thus, if you are an expert in a software engineer, you will get more money than you have ever thought before.

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